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Cards Harbour

Cards Harbour

Triton North

Triton North

a panoramic view of triton island from the maple ridge trail lookout

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Triton Newfoundland
your destination for fun and adventure

Triton is an excellent place to visit, the indented coastline with its many arms and tickles, hidden coves and secluded beaches make this an ideal area for boating. Local tour operators with many years of experience and a great knowledge of navigation and local lore will take you for a trip you won't forget. Catch a trophy cod or visit a mussel farm and enjoy a boil-up on the beach. For the more adventurous there are many miles of wind protected shoreline to explore by kayak or canoe. Massive icebergs from 10,000-year-old Greenland glaciers ground on the shoals in spring and may last until early summer when capelin roll on the beaches pursued by a variety of sea birds, whales and other marine life.

As a tribute to our seafaring tradition a brand-new whale interpretation center housing the skeletal remains of a massive sperm whale is now open to visitors. Learn all about this massive Leviathan of the sea immortalized in Melville's classic Moby Dick, at this state-of-the-art facility unlike any other in Eastern Canada.

The Maple Ridge hiking trail, a world-class facility with a swimming pool and boardwalk construction leads to a lookout that offers a wide panoramic view of the entire area. One of four nearby trails that include the Brighton Coastal trail, the Long Island trail and Hazelnut trail in Roberts Arm. Place names like Triton and Brighton allude to a old world heritage ingrained in the culture and dialect of our residents.

Be sure to stop at picturesque Cards Harbour for a glimpse of the traditional outport lifestyle. Resettled communities like Julie's Harbour in Badger Bay are a popular destinations for boaters. Known to have spawned a few ghost stories, in a place so steeped in history, evidence of past lives is always at hand.

Triton is home base to continental tour company DRL bus lines with tour packages throughout the US and Canada.

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